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Natural Ventilation

Our Natural Ventilation Control Systems have been installed in Schools, Public Buildings etc to keep the temperature and air quality at a comfortable level for occupants of the building.


Car Park Ventilation

Our control panels monitor carbon monoxide (CO) levels via sensors and control fans at various speeds to keep carbon monoxide within acceptable levels. Under normal conditions the fans will be in the off position but upon a rise in CO levels the fans will operate.

Ventilation Control

Diagram of a typical car park ventilation system

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Natural Ventilation Control Systems

Blue River Controls ventilation control systems monitor the temperature and CO2 in a building.

In schools for example, the average concentration of carbon dioxide in occupied areas over a day has to be kept below 1,500 parts per million (ppm).

Blue River Controls offer control solutions for these ventilation systems, which monitor sensors for temperature/carbon dioxide and control motorised inflow/exhaust vents. 

Manual overrrides can be supplied if required.

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Car Park Ventilation

Blue River Controls offer control panel systems for car park ventilation and smoke control. These panels will typically contain motor starters and/or variable speed drives (inverters) to control fans at various speeds. The control system will also incorporate facilities to monitor carbon monoxide (CO) levels.

A typical system will have a run and standby pair of main extract fans and several jet fans. The jet fans work to direct the flow of air through a car park without the need for ductwork. Sophisticated computer modelling programs are used to design these systems.

Under normal conditions the fans would be off but, in the event of a rise in CO levels all fans would run at half speed. In the event of a fire all fans would run at high speed. Where inverters are used to set fan speeds the internal protection will be overridden in fire mode.

The CO sensors can be installed as part of an addressable loop system to reduce installation costs. Smoke detectors can be added to the same loop for additional protection.

If there are a large number of jet fans, local starters can be used with a distributed power circuit to reduce installation costs. The addressable control loop (connecting the CO sensors) then provides control of the fans from the central panel over the same loop.

Past Projects - Natural Ventilation

York Crematorium
Edinburgh Academy
Frittenden Primary School
Maxwelton & Greenburn School
Clarendon Junior School
Durham Crematorium
Enfield College
Russett House School
The Haven School, Eastbourne
Highway Primary School, Orpington
St James Primary School, Bournemouth
Cravenwood School, Manchester
Arrivals, Stanstead Airport
St Paul's Church, Hammersmith